WA`A - Hawaiian Canoe

One of the greatest stories of human migration is the population of the islands in the Pacific. It started one thousand years before the birth of Christ and by the time of Captain James Cook in 1770 most of the islands had been populated for 1,000 years. The outrigger canoe transported these early colonists through-out Polynesia, an area enclosed by the islands of Hawaii in the north, New Zealand in the south and Easter Island to the east.


The majestic koa tree was preferred for the hull of the Hawaiian canoe and lighter woods such as wiliwili or hau were used for the outrigger which provided stabilization and balance. The early single canoes averaged 24 feet long with a 15" to 18" beam, according to Captain Cook.
Canoes enabled the Hawaiians to travel between the islands, gave them access to remote valleys and were indispensable to the Hawaiian fisherman.


These model canoes are made with great attention to original detail, using the rare woods of Hawaii. They average 42" long by 16" wide. If you are interested to learn more about these model canoes and prices, please email palapalapress@hawaii.rr.com.